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The Castalia foundry provides medium and large aluminium sand castings for the production of single parts and for small production runs for various fields.Castalia is a young, dynamic, growing company that at the same time has the strength of the experience of its team in the sector.
The company provides it clients with integrated foundry service, harmonizing a network of services into a single coordinated process. Castalia, along with Ones (single & multisingle manufacturing) and Self (models and tools), is part of a team, called Selfgroup. The organizations of the group are structured in an organic and complete way so as to allow efficient interaction.
For each step in the production process and for any need, the client will always clearly find the skilled reference point to interface with in Selfgroup.
The use of advanced production facilities, also in terms of environmental compatibility, and the implementation of procedures and technologies that allow complete control of processes, ensure high-quality, stable results over time. With research and systematic innovation applied to working methods and processes, as well as to the product, Castalia is a next-generation foundry.
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