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Castalia has equipped its plant with systems and technologies that are specifically dedicated to the production of large-size aluminium castings. The foundry is part of a synergetic manufacturing system, Selfgroup, composed of three different business organizations that are highly specialized and technically distinct.
The group is structured to share advanced CAD/CAE technology, as well as specific knowledge and skills in processes, in an integrated service aimed at optimizing the product, from assistance during the design phase to the choice of the relative production methods. In this way, the client is supported by a single interlocutor who is capable of managing the entire manufacturing sequence, ensuring optimization of the result in short times and with reduced costs. In this network of exchanged resources, the protection of confidentiality is an essential value for Castalia, as it is for the entire group.
Inside the foundry, the integration of all the phases in the process of producing the castings ensures more effective quality control. In this way, thanks to the experience gained in the sector of tools, Castalia is capable of offering products with high dimensional precision, excellent surface finish and lack of micro-porosities. Basic factors that complete Castalia’s manufacturing and quality standards are: constant technological updating (of which the new plant is a symbol), and research and innovation through high added-value partnerships with research organizations and university institutes. The logic of innovation can also be seen in Castalia’s commitment to safeguarding the environment as a widespread collective interest.

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